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OBJECTIVE: To understand the process of soap production and study the properties of soap. Exhibit to include sample of 3-5 different types of soap made by exhibitor, plus Soap Making Project notebook. In addition to the different alkali, and the cooking of the soap, liquid soap is different from bar soap in the way it is formulated. Soni is a record of original work done by me. Give the reason for adding NaCl to the prepared solvent of soap. Surprisingly enough, it seems that soap was first used for cleaning textile fibers such as wool and cotton in preparation for the dyeing process and not for personal hygiene. a detailed investigatory project on the preparation of soap for class 12 final practical exam. CRC Press. soap making project for cbse class 12 - Free download as PDF File (. ) 2. All soap is made from fats and oils, mixed with alkaline (basic) solutions.

Soap solutions tend to be slightly alkaline (basic) due to partial hydrolysis of the acid. Research paper IJBARR Impact factor: 0. Swirl the Preparation of Soap By Walter Scharf and Charles Malerich Natural Sciences/Chemistry Baruch College New York, NY 10010 Introduction Soap, from a chemical standpoint, is a salt (or a mixture of salts) of fatty acids. Precautions: form soap. The analysis deals with biological activity of leaf gel, gel stabilization technique, heat treatment of leaf gel, processing methodologies like from the mold. • Requirements ofaShampoo: 1. 3. Guidelines for preparation of Project Reports Preamble The aim of this document is to present the basic guidelines on how a report should be constructed for B. Aim: Study the effect of the addition of Sodium Carbonate (Washing Soda) on the foaming capacity of different soap solutions. All procedures were carried out on ice.

It treats pain (is an analgesic), swelling (is We would like to thank a lot of people who contributed to make this investigatory project possible. Learning Outcomes. It’s a Soap Opera! OUTCOMES . You can clean up! Al Bullington and his family have been making and selling soap for years. Preparation and Properties of a Soap Adapted from Bettelheim, et al. The source of the fatty acids is either from animal fats or vegetables which are esters of carboxylic acids. (See Figure 1. com, for your personalize project mail us at info@mbahotspot. PROECT TOPIC: PREPARATION OF SOAP USING DIFFERENT TYPES OF OILS AND EXPLORING ITS PROPERTIES includes abstract and chapter one, complete project material available PREPARATION OF SOAP USING DIFFERENT TYPES OF OILS AND EXPLORING ITS PROPERTIES ABSTRACT Soaps are the sodium salts or potassium salts of stearic acids or any other fatty acids. »More detailed The project report should be neatly bound.

After completing this experiment, the student should be able to: • prepare a soap starting with animal lard. Students identify the materials which are required for the preparation of soap. Chemically, these fats and oils are called triglycerides (See chapter 27. This is not surprising when one considers the medicinal applications for aspirin. pdf), Text File (. The care bundles proposed by the United Kingdom (UK) High impact intervention initiative and Health Protection Scotland recommend bathing with soap prior to surgery 7,8. Preparation of Soap Using Different Types of Oils and Exploring its Properties Submitted by Debesh Mishra (109ch0476) Department of Chemical Engineering National Institute of Technology Under the guidance of Dr. In this way the process omylivaniya done without boiling fats with caustic lye. I suggest you read "Making Natural Liquid Soaps" by Catherine Faillor, for more details and for beginner recipes. Put it in a mold, and voila, you’re done.

After the purification process is repeated several times, the soap may be used as an inexpensive industrial cleanser. . Continue the suction for an additional 10 minutes to help dry the soap. e. Preparation of Testing Solutions 1. GEL PHASE ACHIEVED | Royalty Soaps - Duration: 15:46. Investigatory project on preparation of soap. 2. Download free 'Mango Report' to know how it works. Time yourself and develop your exam technique.

an antiseptic soap is more effective than plain soap to reduce the occurrence of SSI. If you run most recipes through a lye calculator you'll see that there seems to be way too much lye! Indeed, liquid soap recipes are usually formulated with about a 10% lye excess. Wool Case Study # 3 – Surfactants, soaps and detergents 1 Surfactants, soaps, and detergents Case study # 3 Presented by Kimberly Quant and Maryon P. It does not provide that knowledge, but project design and proposal writing workshop for indigenous people’s groups and partners module 3 proposal writing technical tips 2 clear one and only one meaning to what is written beneficiary countries in the preparation of Policy Action Plans on Trade Finance. So a best soap among a group of much soap can be identified by comparing their foaming capacities. Wasna Jaturonrusmee, King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi This process is called salting out the soap. Start by melting down a plain glycerin soap base. F. Different oils are used in saponification process. Register & pay online on price & payment page.

txt) or read online for free. The fats and oils used in making soap consist mainly of seven different fatty acids. To do this, soap scraps, a mold, a grater, fragrance, dyes, and other additives are needed. to develop an effective method for processing of Aloe vera leaf, in the process, preserve and maintain almost all of the bioactive chemical entities naturally present in the Aloe vera leaf. Marketing soap is fairly easy if you put yourself in the right place. MuleSoft Certified Developer – Integration Professional Exam Preparation Guide Preparation guide purpose The purpose of this guide is to help you understand what knowledge and skills are needed to successfully pass the MCD – Integration Professional exam. Soap is manufactured when very basic ingredients, such as oils (or fats), water and lye (sodium hydroxide) undergoes a chemical process known as saponification. Therefore, the purpose of this work is to use neem oil as a cheap source of fatty material in toilet soap preparation. You melt the soap base in the microwave or a double boiler. The process of precipitation of soap from the suspension is called salting out.

Filter the precipitated soap through vacuum filtration (as directed by the TA). It was aged many months to allow the reaction to run to completion. Write down the observations. You will start out by making three separate soap solutions, as detailed in the following steps. Publisher: NIIR PROJECT CONSULTANCY SERVICES Usually ships within 5 days Soaps, Detergents and Disinfectants Technology Handbook (Washing Soap, Laundry Soap, Handmade Soap, Detergent Soap, Liquid Soap , Hand Wash, Liquid Detergent, Detergent Powder , Bar, Phenyl, Floor Cleaner, Toilet Cleaner, Mosquito Coils, Naphthalene Preparation of Aspirin 2 purity of the product. A simple example of the ability of a soap to interact with both a polar and non-polar compound is the observation that kerosene and water dom not mix at all and will readily separate. Have you been dreaming about starting your own soap making business, but aren’t sure where to start? While launching your own company is not entirely difficult, it does take time and thoughtful preparation in order to create a successful business. Consequently, hydrolysis occurs to some extent when soap dissolves in water. 4. This will help them to identify their weak areas and will help them to score better in examination.

In the United States, more than 15,000 pounds are sold each year. FINANCIAL ANALYSIS AND APPRAISAL OF PROJECTS 3. Download free Works. Rupla Naik. Aspirin is the most commonly used drug in the world. txt) or view presentation slides online. The hydrophobic ends attach to the grease particle, thus leaving the hydrophilic end exposed to the water. PDF | The use of locally available raw materials in soap production was carried out. A known weight of the soap is dissolved in water and the solution is treated with dilute sulphuric acid. Mix 1 g of the soap you prepared with 50 mL of warm deionized water.

Start downloading by using login details instantly. Students understand the use of common salt in saponification process. The crude soap obtained from the saponification reaction contains sodium chloride, sodium hydroxide, and glycerol. At the end of the 1980s, when moringa was being studied by a few researchers, uniquely for its water-treatment properties1, I "discovered" moringa leaf farming in Niger and how profitable it was. Preparation of Ink Chemistry Science Fair Project Experiments , Chemistry Models, Exhibition Ideas, Expo Topics for Kids and also Organics Chemistry Science ideas for CBSE, ICSE, Middleschool, Elementary School for 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th and High School Students. While project preparation is the process that converts a project idea into a formal plan, the overall objective of appraising a project is for the soap, an amalgam of various soap salts, excess fat or alkali, water, and liberated glycerol (glycerin). Parents should download and give the assignments to their children for practice. 1, Issue. acids, manufacture of soap products, technology of soap manufacturing, various formulations of soaps, soap perfumery, management of soap factories, analytical methods. PREPARATION FORMAT: 3.

M. • examine the chemical properties of the soap that is made. Purify the soap with salt (sodium chloride) and measure how its pH changes with its purity. This results in a very mild, gently cleansing soap. • understand how soap cleans. The soap was prepared using sheabutter oil (SBO), palm kernel oil (PKO) and plantain peels. Simplified method for the preparation of detergent-free lipid rafts. T. The process of formation of soap is called saponification. Project Report Include Market Survey, Bankable Report, Feasibility Study, Formulations, Profit Loss, Raw Material Details, Suppliers List And Much More.

Soap is the term for a salt of a fatty acid or for a variety of cleansing and lubricating products produced from such a substance. It was also aimed at to determine the chemical characteristics Soap & detergent chemistry – Upload & Share PowerPoint … Soap & detergent chemistry — Document Transcript. The fatty acid usually contains 12 to 18 carbon atoms. 10. • understand the result of a saponification reaction. SOAP Examples - Learn SOAP in simple and easy steps starting from basic to advanced concepts with examples including SOAP messages, envelope, header, body, fault, encoding, transport, examples, standards, resources. Soap can be made from the base hydrolysis of a fat or an oil. 1 Cover Page & Title Page – A specimen copy of the Cover page & Title page of the project report are given in Appendix 1. 2 Section A – Melt and Pour Soaps 1. The best type of soap base for this type of soap making is cold process soap.

With great soap and a good marketing plan, you can make money with handmade soap. You can make an inexpensive yet effective mix of either. Cleansing Action of Soap Hence, the soap solutions are slippery to the touch. CONCLUSION: 1. The soap for which the time taken for the disappearance of foam is highest has maximum foaming capacity and is the best quality soap among the soaps tested. Students are advised to refer to the attached assignments and practice them regularly. Soap that is placed in the fridge or freezer for the first few hours of saponification can take a little longer to unmold. All of these soaps are prepared with coconut and palm kernel oil, which have the ability saponify in the cold with stirring e strong alkali metal. PREPARATION OF ACETYLSALICYLIC ACID (ASPIRIN) BACKGROUND One of the most widely used nonprescription drugs is aspirin. They have a high Soap is the salt of a weak acid.

Advance Preparation 0. Wikipedia - an extensive background on soap and soap making. Preparation of Lecithin Solution Emulsifier Buffer solution of acetic acid and NaN 3was prepared by Soap-making, or saponification, is the process of taking oils that make you greasy and turning them into soap that makes you clean. • The governing board of each project, comprising at least one representative from each entity in the consortium, shall establish management policy, provide direction to the project director, set priorities for budgetary decisions that reflect the specific needs of the project, and assume responsibility for maintaining the required level of Experiment 4: Soaps and Detergents There is some evidence that soap-making was known to the Babylonians in 2800 BC and to the Phoenicians around 600 BC. The salt of the fatty acid is called a soap. This section is open to exhibitors of all ages. If you are looking for the project and its reports, this template comes in handy. 3. Make sure that the soap is firm before you remove it. (3) Expected Outputs/Results: (a) This program is expected to produce a coherent capacity building agenda to complement the IDA Trade Facilitation Project.

1020g. entrepreneurindia. ppt / . Four D150 plates of cells were washed and scraped into base buffer (20 mM Tris-HCl, pH 7. It's molecules have a long hydrocarbon chain that has a negatively charged head. This allows the grease particle to freely move around in the water and, therefore, be washed away. Most organic acids arc weak acids. Preparation of soap cold process method is used for the production of toilet soaps and washing laundry. A. Coconut oil creates lots of glycerin, makes big bubbly lather, and is very stable.

The glycerin is a useful by -product, which can be left in the soap product as a softening agent, or isolated for other uses. Soap making is a craft that is often neglected in history whether it is the discussion of skills of 19th century or of the colonial period. It does cause some loss of material, so one does not obtain 100% of the aspirin that could form from the starting materials. project design tool developed by COOP AFRICA and the Cooperative College of the United Kingdom combined with ITC/ILO PCM materials and expertise. Soap is a combination of animal fat or plant oil and caustic soda. They are prepared by reacting fats and oils with a strong base, such as sodium hydroxide or potassium hydroxide. this project received full marks from the external examiner. Soap preparation 1. Soap is usable after two days, however, the lye is still active in the soap, so until the water is fully dissipated from the soap 30+ Project Report Examples & Samples – PDF, Word, Apple Pages Writing a report is a good way to evaluate one’s progress and development, regardless of whether it’s a short report or one with an executive summary . Some specific outputs include: i) the successful development and delivery of a well-rounded training program for PROPOSAL FOR A PROJECT DEVELOPMENT AND PREPARATION FACILITY (PDF) BLOCK B GRANT 1.

Prepare a soap solution by dissolving about 1 g of your laboratory made soap in 60 mL (4 tablespoons) of warm water. who eat the moringa leaves as a vegetable, are the only ones who have been, for decades now, growing and selling this product. This book will be a mile stone for its readers who are new to this sector, will also find useful for professionals, entrepreneurs, those studying and researching in this 4-H Soap Making Project Guidelines (updated July 2001) – pg. The soap micelles repel each Herbal Soaps & Detergents Handbook Author: H. To learn more about how you too can start a soap making business, visit their site at The Soap However work on the chemical properties of soap using only neem seed oil has not been published. Download free MBA/PGP Projects from MBAhotspot. CBSE Class 10 Chemistry-Saponification Preparation of Soap. Soap is made from all-natural ingredients and has been around for centuries. Experiment 15 . These impurities are removed by boiling the crude soap curds in water and re-precipitating the soap with salt.

Through the ages soap has been used to cleanse, to cure skin sores, to dye hair, and as a salve or skin ointment. 3). Tylor and Francis Group. 5, April-June, 2014 Page 254 MARKETING STRATEGIES OF TOILET SOAP MANUFACTURING INDUSTRY IN KARNATAKA (A CASE STUDY OF KS&DL, BANGALORE) Dr. Step 3. When the soap is fully melted, add fragrance, color and/or additives. With Castile soap, the cure time is 6 months. When dissolved in water, it breaks dirt away from surfaces. (Distilled water is preferred, but not essential) (If desired, you can prepare solutions of your lab soap and a household soap. , after 45 minutes) and stir for several minutes.

Several organizations have issued recommendations regarding preoperative bathing. Weigh 3 g of your soap and In this science project, make soap by chemically splitting the fats in coconut oil to produce fatty acid salts (soap) and glycerol. Step 2. In conclusion, soap is a substance, water soluble sodium salts of fatty acids, that is used to remove dirt and grime from a surface. Students understand the terms: soap, saponification, salting out, hard soap and soft soap. Identifiers Project Number: Implementing Agency Project number Not Yet Assigned Project Title: Preparation of a Trans-Boundary Diagnostic Analysis for the Hot Process Liquid Soapmaking: This is how I make liquid soap, using all the natural oils and no surfactants. … Use a flow chart to show soap preparation process in the laboratory, starting with the raw materials. This white paper is intended to provide you with a general overview of important steps required. Adding dried herbs to homemade soap is a simple but creative way to add fragrance and beauty to an otherwise ordinary item. • Compare the properties of the soap product to the properties of a commercial laundry detergent and a commercial hand soap.

We would like to thank our classmates for helping us guide each other in making our research papers especially Paolo Barrameda for accompanying us in search for rare ingredients of our soap and letting us obtain malunggay leaves from their front yard’s malunggay tree. Step 1. The constants (control variables) are the room temperature, the amount of sunlight and the preparation of the petri dish blood agar. Household uses for soaps include washing, bathing, and other types of housekeeping, where soaps act as surfactants, emulsifying oils to enable them to be carried away by water. It's non polar hydrocarbon chain doesn't interact with water molecules that form micelles. A soap which produces more foam is more effective in cleaning. Soaps are key components of most lubricating greases, which are usually emulsions of calcium How To Start 24 Soap Detergents 24 Reports Cd Industry. ) In this process the triglyceride is reacted with a strong base such as sodium or potassium hydroxide to produce glycerol and fatty acid salts. INTRODUCTION Soap is produced by the saponification (hydrolysis) of a triglyceride (fat or oil). TFM of a sample of soap can be determined as follows.

Each was marked with a grease pencil 3mm above the bottom curvature of the test-tubes. Susmita Mishra The main difference between soap and detergent is the ingredients. 1 Soap preparation at the end of this experiment, total soap produced is 3. After stirring the NaCl solution through the soap paste, filter off the soap mixture by suction filtration (see picture and movies) and wash the collected soap precipitate with 15mL of ice water. Years of research have led to the incredible selection of soaps that we Making Soap 31 Introduction Soap-making is an ancient craft and one of the oldest known chemical reactions involving organic compounds. For part 2. The Small Scale Laboratory: Organic Chemistry at University Level Compiled, Tested the Experiments and Written (in Thai) by Associate Professor Dr. The white suspension formed is made up of soap and glycerol. For checking various calculations and keeping a check on the details gained from it, this template is useful. Add soap suds to the mixture and you get a milky suspension that remains that way for extended periods.

DNA Extraction C – 19 Chemistry in the K–8 Classroom Grades 4–8 2007, OMSI DNA Extraction Learning Objectives: Students learn about DNA, cell structure, and basic chemical separations. Preparation of Soap - Free download as Powerpoint Presentation (. Supawan Tantayanon, Chulalongkorn University Associate Professor Dr. Panda Rate of drying of soap NIIR Project Consultancy Services (NPCS) 1/18 PREPARATION OF WASHING SOAP POWDER How to Make Herbal Soap. 20g of soap was grounded and dissolved in 50cm3 of distilled water. Archeological Findings: PROFITABLE SMALL SCALE MANUFACTURE OF SOAPS & DETERGENTS SOAP INDUSTRIES RAW MATERIALS Preparation of Project Profiles / Pre-Investment and Detailed Feasibility • Definition: A shampoo is a preparation of a surfactant (i. Boka Taton, FL, US 2. The soap decomposes to sodium suplphate and fatty acids. 4. This hydrolysis is called saponification, and the reaction has been known for centuries.

2347 –685X ISSN 2348 – 0653 International Journal of Business and Administration Research Review, Vol. Preparation of Soap Solutions 9. Therefore, one calculates both a theoretical yield and a percent yield. To keep it cool, place the soap in the fridge or freezer for at least 3 hours, up to overnight. co Production_of_Toilet_Soaps Toilet_Soap_Manufacturing_Process Manufacture_of_Toilet_Soaps Toilet_Soap_Manufacturing_Unit How Soap is Made Toilet Soap Manufacturing Toilet Soap Production Preparation of Toilet Soap Project Pdf Soap Manufacturing Process Flow Chart Toilet Soap Plant Toilet Soap Manufacture Soap With melt and pour soap making, you buy pre-made blocks of uncolored, unscented soap “base” from a craft store or soap supplier. 314 E-ISSN No. The physicochemical Preparation of an antifungal soap from Gelidium sesquipedale waste Article (PDF Available) in Bothalia - African Biodiversity and Conservation 44(2):9-16 · February 2014 with 499 Reads The dependent variable is the rate of growth of the bacteria colony. Any student must confer to the rules and guidelines that have been laid out in the following sections while writing their final report. Only a few generations ago, people routinely made soap by boiling beef tallow (a triglyceride) with lye (impure sodium hydroxide). 3 of Bruice).

1 INTRODUCTION 3. List of free project topics, Ideas, subjects and final year research materials. Detergents are made from synthetic ingredients, although natural ingredients may be included. Soaps are sodium and potassium salts of fatty acids. 1 OM 500 and OM 600 (Knowledge Network Section 7. Organic Chemistry Lab Experiment 4 Preparation and Properties of Soap Introduction A soap is the sodium or potassium salt of a long-chain fatty acid. (2011). Testing the Properties: First Tags www. com Download project reports in 3 easy steps. surface active material) in a suitable form – liquid, solid or powder – which when used under the specified conditions will remove surface grease, dirt, and skin debris from the hair shaftandscalpwithoutadversely affecting theuser.

At this point salt, such as sodium chloride, was added to separate the soap from the excess water. The soap came to the top, was skimmed off, and placed in wooden molds to cure. EXPERIMENT : SOAP MAKING (SAPONIFICATION) In this experiment we prepare soap from animal fat (lard) or vegetable oil. Tech project. M or total fatty matter is a measure for identifying the amount of fatty matter present in soaps. Test using red and blue litmus papers shows that soap suspension is basic in nature and not acidic in nature. Experiment 13 – Preparation of Soap Soaps are carboxylate salts with very long hydrocarbon chains. K. > Why do I need Project Report Template? Project Report templates help you to develop the report of the project in an easy and systematic manner. This was done in order to as- This method is also called soap rebatching in which soap can be made from soap scraps that can still be rework into a new bar of soap.

Pour the soap solution into the cooled salt solution after the reaction time is complete (i. , E. Unfortunately most websites concerned with making soaps and detergents begin with bought-in basic soap or detergent, and simply add the extras – perfumes, colours and the like. Strugstad October 1st, 2010 Materials included in reading package: 1. The cover should be printed in black letters and the text (or font?) for printing should be identical. 9) address project preparation and project appraisal respectively. The petri dish prepared with the blood agar must be stored in a refrigerator. Wash the solid (soap) in the funnel at least thrice with a10 mL ice-cold water each time. sample request for proposals for large scale power projects This document, consisting of four Volumes, along with their Annexes, Schedules, and Exhibits, shall be referred to as the “[ date ] Request for Proposals Document” or “RFP”. Animal fats and vegetable oils are esters of carboxylic acids; they have a high molecular weight and contain the alcohol, glycerol.

8 test -tubes were set. • Revising Challenge Fund guidelines and application form together with the development of a checklist to assess the technical soundness of project proposals. 8, 250 mM sucrose) to which had been added 1 mM CaCl 2 and 1 mM MgCl 2. com for more projects We have sincerely tried to give suggestions and recommendations to help MBA/PGP Students for Preparation of Projects. 1M calcium chloride THE SOAP AND OTHER DETERGENTS MANUFACTURING INDUSTRY: TRENDS AND CHARACTERISTICS A Report of the Center for Competitive Analysis May 2000 This report, prepared by the Center for Competitive Analysis of the University of Missouri Outreach and Extension (UO/E), provides an overview of the Soap and Other Conclusion. Traditionally, soaps were made from animal fat and lye (NaOH). When the top layer cooled and solidified, it was cut into cubes of yellow soap (sodium stearate). . SNEAK PEAK inside … dish soap Describing and Defining Explaining Evaluating GROUP SIZE If available, goggles are recommended for this activity. DECLARATION I hereby declare that project work entitled “PREPARATION OF SOAP & DETERMINING FOAMING CAPACITY OF DIFFERENT SOAPS”, submitted to the department of Chemistry, Atomic Energy Central School (OSCOM) for the subject Chemistry under the guidance of Mr.

Water chemistry. More the time taken for the disappearance of foam more is its foaming capacity and more efficient it is, in its cleansing action. Project 6G - Manufacture of soap and detergents, cleaning and polishing preparations, perfumes and toilet preparations Comments: CATEGORY FACTOR COMMENTS aerosols ozone ammonia hazardous substance, aquatic life, human health, water quality, reference 3 ethylene oxide potential occupational carcinogen, hazardous waste, flammable, reference 3 Prepare for IELTS with these free practice tests and answers. soap and use one of them to pour the solution out. Undergraduate project topics and Masters Dissertation Milk soap has a tendency to heat up due to the sugar in the milk. Soap is not oil(s), but rather a new substance produced by the interaction of base oils, exotic oils, and alkali solution. Dissolve the prepared soap in double amount of hot distilled water and divide the generated solvent of soap into three testing tubes (preparation for the task no. Format of Project Report Guidelines and Help For Preparation of Project Report Visit MBAhotspot. • Observe some of the physical and chemical properties of the soap product, including pH and solubility in aqueous solutions of calcium, iron(III), and magnesium salts. Loading Unsubscribe from khushi malhotra? ANOTHER PARANORMAL SOAP.

In this part of the experiment, you will be comparing the properties of the soap you made with a commercial soap and a detergent. 1. Manahan, S. Cut your soap to the desired size. The soap is ready to use as soon as it soap, a particle of grease is surrounded by soap molecules. Concepts The name saponification literally means "soap making". Preparation of Toilet Soaps Chemistry Science Fair Project Experiments , Chemistry Models, Exhibition Ideas, Expo Topics for Kids and also Organics Chemistry Science ideas for CBSE, ICSE, Middleschool, Elementary School for 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th and High School Students. S (project standards and specifications) table of content scope 2 references 2 definitions and terminology 3 symbols and abbreviations 3 units 3 general 4 minimum information to be shown on p&i diagrams 10 design criteria for preparation of p&i diagrams 25 criteria for utility flow diagrams 35 abbreviations / graphical symbols / identifications 37 3. Then, allow it to sit in the mold for about 3-4 days. pptx), PDF File (.

Soap and detergent project khushi malhotra. This is determined by measuring the size of bacteria colony growth. Saponification: The preparation of Soap Few college students today can recall watching soap being made. 50cm3 of olive oil was measured in a beaker [6]. Place cut soap on a paper bag and let cure for 4-8 weeks. BACKGROUND: Soap- and detergent-containing products are found in many colors, fragrances, and textures. preparation of soap project pdf

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